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United States
Trade Llamas for Points! I will gladly do it. If you want a llama, give me some points! Don't worry, if you don't have any points, I'll still give you a llama badge! :meow:

My Offer: 1 llama badge per 1 point!

[Occupations] Spriter, Novice Animator, Writer, Artist, and Storyline Writer

I'm trying to improve..

[Character Love Fangasms]
Mao, Laharl, Adell, Axel, Masked Man/Claus, Lucas, Almaz, Genis Sage, Lloyd Irving, Ness, Will, Lee, Silver, Tails, Chase, Carter, Yugi/Yami, Ulrich, Matt, TK, Tai, Klonoa, KoS, Espio, Izzy, Ninten, and Bakura

[Dislikes] School, smart alecks, art thieves, hotheads, know-it-alls, liars, yaoi/yuri, nudity, drug/alcohol, pressure/stress, cussing, and smoke

[Signs] Scorpio [October 28th] [Old Zodiac]/ Virgo [October 28][New Zodiac] /Year of the Snake [1989]

[Sonic Personality]
*Tails [Main]

You are the modest inventor. You enjoy tinkering and building anything that will help you or your friends to get ahead. You often rely on your friends for support, but you are often lost in your own world with what new invention or idea you may be working on. You are focused and often capable of creating amazing and new things. You weren't always the toughest, but always the most reliable. No matter what the circumstances you will always stick up for what is right.

[Earthbound Personality]
*Mr. Carpainter [Main]

You are artsy, spiritual, and persuasive. You can convince people around you of almost anything you want.

[Quiz Result: If I was born with any type of magic..]

Chronological magic is the ability to alter the flow of time and/or matter. A skilled user could do things from reassembling a broken vase by bringing it back to a different time when it wasn't broken, all the way to time travelling! Although there are no direct offensive spells associated with this type of magic, it can prove to be highly useful in most non-violent situations. Many may confuse this with Psychokinetic magic

Sure like I want to go back and forth in time, but I don't want to abuse it too much or I'll end up being 10,000 years old like Porky..ugh..the wrinkles..

Pokemon Personality = Beautifly

Element Personality: Earth =
You are Earth- A nice, clam, being. You have no temper. But be careful! People around you want you to change, so protect your personality before you find yourself a person half the greatness of you!

Runners-up: Water & Light @ 75% / Fire, Dark, & Air @ 50%

:star:Mother 5:star:
DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR SONGS! Credit to Reone662 & isaiahdjkim as the composers of these wonderful songs, and 3R2/TidalEspeon for the remixes!

The MOTHER 5 Project 2008-2010 secretmelody07/M5A

:star:Rough Guys:star:…
:star:Restricted Area:star:…
:star:Mayachuchi Temple (Inside):star:…
:star:Troopermask Theme:star:…
:star:Gentle One (Mother 5 True Love Theme):star:…
:star:Nearby Base (Factory):star:…
:star:Kariko Town (3 Years Later- Former Mother 5 Love Theme #1):star:…
:star:Kariko Village (3 Years Ago- Former Mother 5 Love Theme #2):star:…
:star:Under Construction:star:…
:star:Friendly Battle:star:…

:star:Will's House (Daytime):star:…
:star:Will's House (Nighttime):star:…
:star:Tensurii Forest (Daytime):star:…
:star:Tensurii Forest (Nighttime):star:…

Mother Tribute (I MADE IT!)…
I've been hearing talks about what happen to NinjaHaku21 and well..I feel hated by most of you right now because of the screwups. Well, please, just leave me alone. I don't want anymore of this.. I was being forceful on the apology and acted like a complete jerk to her and besides, this account has been scarred for 4 me an idiot, but please, I don't want to be banned from here. I just want to get along with others, not be hated. But I guess I fail miserably at that too. I suppose I'm just some hopeless lazybum that has no future and everything will only crumble down around me. I would be a bigger idiot if I say I want to kill myself because of this..

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